Butterfly Orchids (Gladiolus)

tkhooper(7)October 10, 2010

I left these bulbs in the ground and it snowed and now they won't bloom. My question is if I leave them in the ground is there a chance they will form baby bulbs?

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I'm guessing you mean Acidanthera aka "Peacock Orchids" and not something in the genus Oncidium - showy epiphytic or lithophytic or terrestrial orchids... some of which are known as "Butterfly orchids"?

If you're in zone 8, any snow and cold probably doesn't last for any length of time. Acidanthera doesn't tolerate long periods of cold, but if the snow, etc. was sometime last winter, dig one or two up and see what's down there. They are late bloomers in any climate - here, well into late September before they start.

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Peacock Orchids, yes. My mistake. Normally we don't get much snow but last winter it was storm after storm for weeks on end. I had cabin fever something awful. So what am I looking for when I pull them up?

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I guess just to see if the corms looks "normal" - no rot from bad drainage or cold damage. Google the images for corms or gladiolus corms to see what a normal, healthy corm should look like. The look would be the same for regular glads or the acidanthera.

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Thank you for the information. The leaves on mine are still green so I'll wait until they turn brown and then check them out when I lift them. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they are producing a new crom and babies. I've hear they are prolific.

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