Potting soil mixture help for meyer lemon

kiropod(7)March 21, 2011

I have a 10 year old meyer lemon and a newbie that is arriving this week (2-3 years old). I purchased the following for putting together a healthy mix. Any suggestions on the ratio.

I picked up a few bags of Catus, Palm and Citrus soil, consisting of sphagnum peat moss, composted forest products, sand and perlite. I also purchased a bag of pine bark mulch and potting soil. Any other suggestions for making up my container soil.

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If you have been growing that lemon in a pot for over ten years and you are satisfied with your results, then I would change nothing and use what you have been all along.

It's that easy.

If you want to see your trees perform better than you ever imagined, try something different, and do what is best for your trees, then I would read this article and try to understand how the mixes and ingredients you have work in containers, and look into trying a new way if you are open for it:-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Container soils- Water retention by Tapla

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Thanks. I just found that thread tonight.

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According to everyone I know that grows citrus trees, a more fast draining, highly aerated medium works wonders! While I don't have any citrus as of yet, I do grow everything in containers using the grittier mixes, with excellent results.

The link Mike provided is loaded with good information and sound concepts!

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Most of the container grown citrus I see, though not in the best soil, and certainly too long without a repot, are surviving in pitiful condition. If nothing else was done but supplying the proper fertilizer, as often as needed along with enough water at a time, they would at lease survive and put on some new growth. A good container mix is certainly important, but even a good mix will not take the place of the feeding. When you adopt a pet from the pound, you promise to feed it, a container citrus should require the same promise. Al

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