Premix Gritty Mix (1:1:1) with cheap home delivery.

Imran.Khalid(7A)March 14, 2012

Today I checked John's website and found that he is now selling premix Gritty Mix: 1:1:1 @ $11/CF. He will be delivering in NY/NJ and adjacent areas on Saturday April 7th, 2012. More information can be obtained from his website:

Phone No: 617-383-7374

Thought I should tell ppl who may be interested!!



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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

I'm glad this mix is now available for purchase; Now I'm hoping for a Pacific NW source to come soon :)

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I got some Gran-i-grit and bark fines from John and I'm very pleased. I've never been able to find the grit in my area. I've always used Manna Pro poultry grit, but I prefer the color of the Gran-i-grit. The bark fines were prescreened and were the best I've seen. Almost no sapwood and uniform size. I definitely will buy from Heritage Orchards again!


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I also thinking about ordering from John for a NYC delivery.
The $50 delivery charge is, though I'm sure justified, a bit high for me. Any NYC gardeners interested in splitting the delivery fee for one order delivered to a central location in Manhattan?

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I was very fortunate to happen across this post...I normally make a modified gritty mix for container citrus using repti bark. I ordered 32 quarts of repti bark with delivery to Long Island earlier today, price $37.65. After reading this post, ordered about 59 quarts of screened bark from the website you mentioned (per conversion site I consulted, 1 cubic foot is 7.4 gallons, about 29.6 quarts -I hope that's right?) for $29.11. The bulk of the charge was for USPS shipping, but compared to what I was paying, this is great! All local Petcos are out of repti bark and say the manufacturer is short for some reason, which is why I mail ordered it today. Luckily I was able to cancel it...

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nyc garden. I am debating ordering from here also, but i am in queens. I agree that the shipping seems understandable but a little expensive. I can get the granite and turface on long island but cant find bark anywhere. Also, his price on the perlite is fantastic. hmmm what to do?

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Finally, I got the gritty mix!! Yehh,,, John has saved me a lot of money and hardwork. Gritty mix seems really good! Will post pics soon!

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Hi Queenskitchen,
I have found another source for the bark fines in the Bronx who has an Agway rep. connection. They can probably get perlite as well.

718-293-7750 ask for Jack.

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