HELP! need advice a,s,a.p.

roxanna(z5b MA)October 8, 2012

it is getting colder outside day by day and my enthusiasm for being out there planting tulips is fast waning. i would like to plant them in large pots and overwinter them instead of putting them in the ground.

my question: can/should i leave the planted pots outside for a time before putting them into my unheated garage? if so, at what point do i bring them in -- after a hard freeze? and do i water them after the initial watering after planting?

i admit i do not like to work outdoors on chilly autumn days when the soil is cold, and i ought to have planted before now, but i have becoem a lazy gardener in my "old age" !!

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karin_mt(4 MT)

Sure, you can leave the pots outside as long as you are sure they will stay cool. Perhaps somewhere in the shade next to the north side of your house. As it cools down outside, you definitely do not want the pots to freeze solid as that will kill everything. But you do want to keep the pots around 35 degrees or so.

Only water them enough to prevent them from drying out all the way. In a non porous pot that will take very little water.

You may still get a warm spell yet - don't give up hope for outdoor planting! Tulips in the ground do so much better than those in pots. But tulips in pots will certainly do better than tulips that are not planted at all. :)

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