What do you think of first , when you think of things.... .....

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)October 21, 2009

that are grown from bulbs? Please be specific as in what they are, but not mentioning an actual cultivar.

My first thought is of Daffodils, my most favorite flower in the whole world.

Other things that might be favorites are







What I have in mind, is choosing the most favorite/popular thing that is grown from a bulb, and then later starting a post for members to post the best pic they have of their own of the most favorite one.

I would like to see us as a group try and come up with a new pic for the Bulb Forum. A bunch of us did that at the Tomato Forum and then eventually GW powers that be, got the pic updated on the Forum Page. It was a lot of fun too.

We did it by first setting up a thread with instructions, and a deadline for members to post their pics....there was a limit on the # of pics one member could enter, I think.

Another thread was then started at the appropriate time for members to post their pics.

Then another thread was started for discussion of the choosing of the pic along with pic comments. Lastly there was a thread where members could 'vote' for their one favorite pic that had been entered. That one too had a deadline specified.

Does anyone/everyone agree we need a new Forum picture here? I don't think it should include Lilies, since there is a Lily Forum especially for lilies, even though they are bulbs too.

Thoughts? Ideas? Should the actual pic entry thread not be started until after the 2010 spring bloom season, to allow for more members to get some great shots, myself included? Do you think it should be limited to a named cultivar of whatever it is, as opposed to just a (for example) pretty daffodil ?

I look forward to your replies.

Sue...headin out to play

Tomato Forum with its pretty new(er) Forum Picture.

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Ornithogalums??? (Just kidding! Sort of. My orange one is in bud. Yay!)

Is there a way to have a picture for the spring bulbs AND the summer-autumn ones?

Heaps of people ask about Gladiolus and flame lilies and Crinums - and Agapanthus and Crocosmia :-(.

To answer the question - friendly Oxalis, Scadoxus, Haemanthus, Tritonia, Ixia, Arisaema, Erythronium and Fritillaria.

And a big still life flower arrangement of delectable spring flowers and shrub branches would suit just fine, thank you. Along the lines of the lovely one for Tomatoes.

Thanks for asking, Sue. Appreciated.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Oh vetivert, you are bad, but Ornithogalum is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of spring chores and getting to work outside, usually in late Feb.

Now I realize my question could have and should have been phrased a lot better.

How about this?

If the Bulb Forum members would submit their (own) pics of plants and blooms grown from bulbs for a new forum picture, what should it be? . Should it be open to anything grown from bulbs? Should it maybe exclude such things that have more 'specific' forums of their own, such as Lily, Tropical, and House Plant? Should it be an individual bloom, or as you suggested, maybe a still life flower arrangement of numerous delectable blooms grown from bulbs? Please 'scuse me for just having tunnel vision and tunnel thoughts of just Daffodils.
At any rate, the folks who are having their spring now, can hopefully be trying to get some great pics.

Ok...so when does anyone think we could/should start taking picture submissions? Should we wait until late 2010 so glads could be included by those in the US who grow them? Should we wait a full year (or nearly) so the members down under have an opportunity to have another summer blooming season, like for glads? hmmm...what is fairest?

I guess before proceeding, I should check with the 'Powers that be' to see for sure if they would be willing to get the pic changed and updated with a pretty pic of our choosing.

I hope lots of folks will give their input and in time, post their pics for entry.

In doing a search here on the forum, it seems that Tulips and Daffs are the 2 things most often posted about. I imagine though that tulips are most frequently asked about, due to them having problems, or emerging early, or for not blooming a second season when they are thought to be perennials like daffodils.

Here is a spring 2009 pic of a bouquet of Daffodil Show rejects. Hopefully in 2010, I can put together a much better arrangement and pic.

Sue...hoping/planning to start daff planting today...maybe

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When I think "bulb", I immediately think Hippeastrum.

After that, I think of all the various amaryllids.

Then, tulips and daffodils, alliums and fritillaria...

Lilies are not true bulbs, though, are they? They're corms, I believe.

I think a nice photo for the bulb forum would be a bouquet or grouping of different bulb types together, since the term "bulb" covers quite a bit.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

When I think bulbs, I think spring: specifically daffodils with Hyacinthoides hispanica a close second. Daffodils win, though, because with enough varieties, I can have continuous bloom for 3 months or more. And, they seem to grow nearly everywhere. That's pretty amazing in my opinion.

I like your idea, Sue. I agree with vertivert that it would be nice to feature both spring and summer bloomers. If we did summer bulbs, I would vote for crinums, if it was just my way. However, they are not hardy in a majority of the country, so there are probably better possibilities.

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Lilies are most definitely considered 'true' bulbs! They are imbricate bulbs, meaning they do not have the same papery tunic as do narcissus, tulips or alliums, etc., but otherwise they bear all the same features - basal plate, scales, embryonic leaf and flower bud and lateral bublets - that distinguish true bulbs from other 'bulbous' plants.

When I think of bulbs, I immediately think of traditional spring bulbs - tulips, narcissus, hyacinths, muscari - but that may just be because I live in an area where these are very commonplace and where they are grown extensively commercially. And these do tend to be grouped together, both here on GW (having no individual forums specific to genus) as well as in most of the literature. I'm sure gardeners in warmer climates where these bulbs are less common or easily grown have other opinions :-) I'd agree that anything that is represented by its own forum - Alliums, Amaryllis/Hippaestrum, Lilies, Iris, Dahlias, Begonias, Cannas, etc. might be excluded from the photo suggestions as they already have their own representation. Otherwise, it should be fair game, but a mixed bouquet would be ideal!

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linnea56(z5 IL)

I think a bouquet of the most "classic" and recognizable types would be ideal: like a bouquet of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and alliums. Agree no lilies since they have their own territory.

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