Fall Crocus Question

Sequoiadendron4(6B)October 16, 2013


I planted 15 fall crocus bulbs 4 weeks ago and they are just starting to put up their greens. I may be confused but I thought they put up the greens in the spring to get energy stored for blooming in the fall. I don't have the varieties off the top of my head but they were definitely fall bloomers. My question is this: am I right or am I wrong? Will these bloom this fall or not?

Please help, thanks :)

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fieldofflowers(3 or 4a)

Maybe you planted them too soon? I wonder what other people have to say?

I'm personally wondering if I should plant now or wait two more weeks to give the squirrels enough time to forget about rummaging the plot? (They got to feast upon this week's failed planting attempt.)

That's also given the forecast for Minnesota. Looks like next week will have lows all below freezing and threat of snow. Or am I too late?

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You should get those guys in the ground asap or wait until next year. You are out of time. I planted them when I did because I thought I would see blooms this season, at least that's what the friendly folks at the garden center told me....

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As far as I know, Crocus and golden Crocus (Sternbergia) grow both foliage and flowers in fall.

Colchicum sprout only flowers in fall and show leaves in spring.
And for Zone 7 it is advised to plant fall crocus in september, so not sure whether yours will manage to flower before the frost.

Next year should be okay then.

Bye, Lin

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The name of the crocus will answer the question. What is the crocus cultivar?

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Yeah that's a bummer because I didn't save the tag on them. I'm pretty sure one was the Saffron and the other was a pink one but I'm not sure which variety. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I'm glad to know though that some fall crocuses are supposed to get their leaves in the fall.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

A couple fall crocus here are just now sending up blooms. Normally we are at about our first frost here at this time of year. They'll send up foliage after blooming and as long as I keep the rabbits away from the leaves they'll stay green all winter. You might still get blooms.
Btw the saffron crocus usually need dividing each spring or they overcrowd and stop blooming.

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