Will Cat urine damage bulbs?

lilies_and_roses(1a)October 18, 2010

We have 2 indoor cats, but one of them is very persistent in getting outside. We have a beautiful bed in the front of the house where we plant tulip and daffodil bulbs every fall. It is a large bed topped with loose soil....very attractive to a cat. Our little escapee uses the bed as a litter box every chance she gets. Does anyone know if the bulbs will be damaged by cat urine? Can I expect blooms next spring?

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We had four cats that did the same thing. The only noticeable consequence was a change in the method used to weed the bed. The tulips always looked great. Our cats have all passed away and we miss them a lot, but even the most loving cat has some downsides. Al

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Thanks for that post, I'm glad to hear that it looks like our bulbs will be OK! Although if our garden isn't graced with tulips and daffodils next spring I won't hold it against our cat.... she's just too cute to get mad at!

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