Bulbs under deciduous trees

doris94087October 22, 2009

Will my bulbs get enough sun to grow?

10/19/09, I planted bulbs under my deciduous trees,(daffodils, tulips, hyacinthus, and paperwhites) thinking they will bloom before the trees leaf-out. Unfortunately, I didn't account for the low position of the sun at this time of year, so the fence is currently shading the bulbs. I'm hoping the sun will rise enough to shine on the bulbs, before the trees leaf-out. How many hours of sun each day do these bulbs need to grow? Do ANY of them have a chance?


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I have a lot of my daffs planted in the (front yard) woods and they have thrived, always blooming well and multiplying.

Bulbs shaded by a fence, buildings, evergreens, etc, will not do so well, if they will even bloom at all. I guess you can take a wait and see attitude and see just how well they bloom for you in the spring, and if they don't do well, then plan to move them after the foliage dies back. Hopefully by spring, the sun will be high enough that they will get enough sun. Is your spring bulb bloom time for daffs in March maybe? I know the 2010 American Daffodil Society Show is in CA next year and is sometime in March.


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The trees should not be a problem but the fence presuming it is a solid material, will be. If it is shaded already it will be shaded too far into the spring. The fact that your bulbs are are all new may save you this year as the flowers are already in the bulb, but I would move them after they die back in the spring. Al

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