DigginlifeOctober 11, 2013

Hi ..I purchased a couple of tuberose bulbs(3) and planted them in a pot a lil late in spring.I realized after they take a long time to bloom .my question is they havent bloomed for me yet and temperatures are starting to drop.When and how do I begin to store them for winter.. They are still very lush and green. Kinda too big of a pot to bring inside....Thanks

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

If you have space with the right exposure inside, you should bring your pot inside now. When I lived on the coast, noted for cool summers, often they would not bloom in season. By taking them inside with an east exposure in front of full length windows and continuing to feed and water, I would have them blooming in January or February. Al

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I wish I had the room but I dont.Can i cut off the leaves and lift and store them now ..Ill plant them earlier next year indoors

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

I have never cut off the leaves, just let them die back themselves, as the weather cools. They are a native of Mexico and even when dormant still have a green tip, where next years stem will start. There will be a lot of tiny bulbs around the big bulb which can be separated and grown on. They will take several years to reach blooming size. If you do nothing at all you will end up in a few years with a solid block maybe 6 or 8 inch across. At that point I would break it all up, saving the largest bulbs. The biggest problem is getting the right growing condition to assure the blooming. Al

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I purchased tuberose bulbs in spring 2011. The largest bulbs flowered that year but smaller bulbs only grew foliage. I left them outside until our first light frost when the foliage started to die down. After that, I lifted them from their pots, shook off soil, cut off the foliage, put them in a paper bag and stuck them in my basement. Last year I brought them out early spring and had about a third of them flower. I treated them the same way over winter. This spring I planted them outside late and have had no flowers.

So, I am not sure if they are dwindling in vigor or if the late planting prevented them from flowering.

I treat them pretty much the same way I have treated my gladiolus. This year I am going to try storing them in peat, more like how I treat dahlias (keep slightly damp).

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Thanks trovesoftrilliums...I was also thinking that it might not be flowering due to age and bulb size.I did have them planted at least 4 .months...Ill just try storing them in a paperbag alone in my basement ...I also read that once they flower they dont rebloom but the scales produce more blooms or something like that maybe Im mistaken ......just out of curiosity what temperatures do you consider light frost ?THAnks both for the detailed help!! Kristen

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Kristen, dig them up before hard frost and store them in the basement in a box, out of the light. Do not break up the bulb mass, keep it as is. Next late JUNE plant the whole mass outside, water well and feed them with Miracle Gro once or twice. This will get them to bloom outside. When the flower stalks are finished, deadhead - cut the whole stalk off.

I have found after doing all this, each year gives me more bloom stalks than the season before. This year I had a dozen stalks.

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Thanks Paula ,troves and Al !!! Appreciate it !

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ok UPDATE....I dug my bulbs up and was going to put them in the basement but got lazy and had them in a bag near a sunny window...Well one bloom popped up!! Its been a bout week or two and it still hasnt opened.Its sitting in a paper bag with no soil near a bright window...Any ideas how to get the bloom to open ...should I water or mist the bulbs even though they are dirtless?Any ideas?

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

When a flowering stem reaches this stage, in my experience, they will always go on to bloom. I would go ahead and pot it up again, water and feed, and keep in the same location. I think if you do you will get the most flowers on the stem. Al

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Someone told me not to break up the clumps, wait until they do it on their own. Also I soak the clumps in warm water for at least 30 minutes before I plant them. I never completely cover them when planting.

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