Daffodils coming up! what to do?

minilaura(5b)October 16, 2010

I just noticed that some of my daffodils are starting to come up. I can't figure out why--we had a very hot and dry summer and the weather just started getting cool, so it's not as if the daffodils could have gotten confused by unseasonably cold weather.

What should I do? Will these daffodils survive? Will the bloom in the spring? HELP!

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I was just about the post the EXACT same thing. I am in zone 6a in Utah, and noticed some of my daffodils are also starting to come up. My climate conditions mirror yours also.

I hope someone has an answer/solution, and that our daffodils survive to bloom in the Spring when they are supposed to.


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I have a lot of bulbs that send out foliage in the fall. I wouldnt be too worried unless they start sending out scapes too. Ive heard some people throw some mulch on them to kind of retard them back, but as soon as winter hits they will figure it out. This is very common.

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This happens occassionally. Don't worry about them, they will be fine.

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Daffodils, like some other spring bloooming bulbs, have a unique ability of generating inner heat when the temps get really cold. Sometimes they do come up in the fall, but this ability keeps them from freezing . They will be fine.

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domehome(9 CA)

Our weather here is so moderate the daffodila go off several times a year. I have some blooming now. It won't kill them even if they freeze mid growth. However they may not bloom as well as usual next spring.

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kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)

Mine are doing the same on a few. They did the same last year and still came up in spring. However, the ones that came up in fall last year, didn't bloom this year! Yikes, I hope this doesn't happen again!


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Thank you to those responding that this is 'normal'.

I usually post in the dahlias forum and there I commented that I had a ranuncula bloom 2 weeks ago and had no idea if it was 6 months late or 6 months early! I also have 2 glads now coming up and was thinking this was just a very weird year (super cold in SF this summer) as I have grown glads for 30 years and NEVER had any come up in October.

I guess this is the new norm?

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I have hyacinths and species tulips coming up. The hyacinths tried to come up right through the december snow last year. I keep wondering if I planted them too shallowly - I have a layer of landscaping clay under 4-5 inches of topsoil so I have difficulty planting anything deep.

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rebaru(z5 QC)

i did just post on this, and my climate is not at all like yours: quebec, canada! i've never seen this before, and i am sure they won't die, but i don't expect any flowers in the spring...

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I live in United Kingdom we experienced the same phenomena .Right at the moment my dutch irises are 10 cm long shoots .Lillies are in bloom for second time this year ,they did died back and then reappeared again !Currently in bloom in November .Magnolia Stellata is budding happily also .I have not planted yet the daffodil bulbs ,because i am scared they will sprout too ,but i heard that last two years all daffodils bloomed for second time in fall .I am tottaly puzzled and snow will come after few weeks .Weather has gone crazy ?I am scared to plant any other bulbs before gets really cold ,however cannot keep them much in house either because they will also sprout .:(Plants are confused and i am even more confused .

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

artemisiawormwood - in the UK you need to plant those bulbs as soon as you possibly can. Keeping them any longer will achieve nothing at all and might even lose you next year's flowers. Nothing the UK winter can throw at daffodils will affect them adversely. They are utterly hardy and cold soil will not affect them in the least. I don't know where you heard that 'all daffodils' flowered again in the Autum but I am afraid it is nonsense. A few aberrations might have bloomed but certainly not 'all'. So far this year our Autumn has been perfectly normal weather-wise. There might be snow in a few weeks but it is perfectly possible there will be none at all for months, depending on where you live.

Also it is perfectly normal for Magnolia stellata to be in full bud by now. They too are totally hardy and will suffer no damage unless there is a frost when they are fully open. I am curious about the reblooming lilies. What lilies are they exactly? Really Lilium species? It seem very odd to me that they could produce new flowering growth now.

This is a guess, but I am wondering from various clues in your post if you are not a long time resident of the UK? Winters here will not remotely bother daffodils. Get them in the ground now. They should already be out in the garden producing roots and starting to shoot, not in your house in a bag. Good luck.

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They should be fine, the foliage might be a bit ratty by spring but this will have no effect on the blossoms.

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Flora yes that is true i live in UK from three years .I heard from my friend about the daffodills reblooming last autumn in his area .Also i did not mention that i have container garden i grow everything in different sizes containers .Which does put in dangers certain bullbs .I lost last year the shamrok and few oriental lillies .The lillies are according the lebel lillium red ,they are the short stemmed variaty .They started indoors very early around february ,i was too afraid i will loose them too so i put the pot on my windowsil and they bloomed once on it .Now they are still outside and just finished blooming .But same plants died back in July i think and i cut them back then regrow and rebloom .The daffodils are planted already .I just planted all bulbs one week before and i mulched all pots .At the moment i just discovered today that crocuses are sprouting too and i saw few tulips poking too .

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Hi, artemisiawormwood. Do I guess right that you come from a place with pretty cold winters? Last Winter was extremely cold for us and the first time I have ever lost clay pots to frost. But I have never lost any bulbs to frost whether in the ground or in pots. I'm not sure what 'shamrock' might be, but possibly an Oxalis in which case not all are hardy outdoors here. The oriental lilies should not really be started indoors but rather in the spring outdoors. Then they will bloom in summer, go dormant in winter and re-bloom the next year. By flowering once inside and then again outside they were behaving as if they had had two years of growth in one.

Do not worry at all about crocus or tulips showing now. They will be fine.

p.s. I have read of a few daffs blooming in Autumn. But it is very unusual. And rather than blooming again late it is more that they are blooming too early because of mild weather.

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That is correct in my own country (Bulgaria ) the winters can go as low as - 30 C with a lot of snow and ice ,but indeed daffodils survive even that as long as they are into the soil and covered with snow .Such winter with temperaturs around -17 C is normal for my country ,but locals keep telling me that is very unusial for them .Yes it is Oxalis and believe or not it is blooming right now in my friend garden .According all i have read about this plant it flowers from June to July .Oriental lilies actually have been left outside and they did froze in the pots .I got super scared for the red liliums and that is why i brought them inside the house or they would have followed same fate .I know that most lillies will survive even ours harsh winters as long as they are in soil ,but pots are another question .Even the most biggest container will freeze with temperatures -20 C.When the big freeze came i was super busy moving in new house dragging thousand boxes and pots came last in the list .Till i had a time to pay attention to them most bulbs were dead .One of my mini roses were in pretty bad shape too but it is studry litle thing it came back and menage to recover pretty good .Flora btw you are pretty good in guessing lol .

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