storing glads?

queenbee_1(7)October 9, 2011

because of too much grass/weeds in my glad bed, I have dug them up--will be re-doing the bed and will need to store the bulbs over the winter. I planted them in March and even tho we had a terrible drought, the glads did wonderfully. While digging I noticed many were as large as a large onion . They are all healthy, and I have many little ones attached to the larger ones..

Do I break them apart? How do I store them over the winter? what do I need to do to keep them healthy?? thank you

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I just put them at a dry n dark place like a closet or cupboard. The small cormlets should remain attached to the mother corm during the storage period (otherwise they dehydrate). You can detach and grow them like mature corms afterwords..

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Thank you.. I was really impressed w/ the growth/blooms on these..Really nice... Can't wait to plant more and the bed will be with out that terrible grass..

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