1 day old cucumber transplant wilting?

Erica6812March 20, 2014

I bought and planted a Boston Pickling cucumber transplant yesterday into a 5 gallon container. Watered, used a good quality potting mix and added some slow release fertilizer granules. 24 hours later, its doing well...then I check a couple hours after that and the leaves are very droopy! I'm not sure what I did wrong or what I should do? My instinct was to water more. Is it ruined?

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Did it get direct bright sun ?
Dit it get cold overnight ?
Did you try to separate them ?
How big/tall were they ?
Were they hardened off, before transplanting ?

Generally cucumbers are NOT transplant friendly. So if their roots are disturbed, they will react to it.

What you can do is to WATER it more often TEMPORARILY until the roots get a good contact with the soil.
Also avoid too much direct sun.

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Thanks for the reply

It is one plant, planted alone in a 5 gallon container.
Yes, it has been sunny the last 2 days so it has received 6-7 hours full sun. Next few days will be cloudier and a little rainy. Temps got up to about 73 yesterday. I did not harden it off, like I said I am a novice, but I figured it was sitting outside at the nursery for several days.
Only about 4-6 inches tall. It does get in the 40/s and 50/s over night right now.

I did notice when I watered them more yesterday they perked up, but some of the leaves are dry. I will continue to water but am afraid to over water at this point - how do I know what to do? Any other suggestions? Thanks again!

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