fish tail palm

gman68558(z10 So Cal)March 16, 2012

Just bought one from nursery. Okay to bare root in order to put in the gritty mix? Or better just to pot up? The soil it's currently in looks pretty heavy.

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I'm not that familiar with the Fish Tail Palm, but, in general, palms don't like root disturbance. When mine are ready to pot up, I take the whole tight root ball, place it in the slightly larger pot and put better soil (5-1-1) around the sides.

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gman68558(z10 So Cal)

Well I went ahead and cut about the bottom 2' of root ball off with a saw, plus tried to loosen the rest of it as best I could. We'll see what happens. It wasn't a cheap plant, so hopefully it makes it.

Here is a link that might be useful: pic

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That's a very nice looking plant! Please keep us updated on how it does. I have a Raphis and Kentia that I will have do something similar to someday.

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