Questions on hyacynth bulbs

jmmedeiros(z9USA,CALIFORNI)October 18, 2008

Hello members,

I just baught two very large ceramic pots each one with a cluster of hyacynth plants.This is already Autumn and the flowering season is over.I was thinking pulling out the plants and bulbs,separating the bulbs from the stocks,bagging them and keeping them in a cool place like a basement or refrigirator until the end of next Winter so I can plant them next Spring.Is this a good idea?

Also I have a few other questions about these bulbs.What is the best time to plant these bulbs?Is it ok to replant them in large pots? And have them placed in a sunny patio?

Can the pot mix be reused? Or is it better to replace it with fresh mix?I appreciate answers to these questions since I know little about bulb plants.Thank you.JM

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Hyacinths grown in pots didn't come back for me but you can try. If they still have foilage, allow the foilage to die naturally, this is generally how bulbs rejuvenate themselves. I'd repot now so that they can get some nutrients and bloom in the spring. Keep cool for about 12 weeks, cool basement or frig are good. I'd use fresh potting soil, and see if they come up again. I don't think size of pot matters much in your case. After the chilling, gradually move them into sunny, warmer location. Good Luck.

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Hyacinths usually start growing in autumn, develop foliage over the winter, flower in spring, and gradually die down by the end of spring - all charged up for the next growing season.

If the ones you bought had already flowered at this time of the year they must have been forced well out of season and it may take a year or even two for them to 'reset their clocks'.

If they still have green foliage then you could transplant them into two gallon buckets with at least three thumb-thick holes drilled in the bottom, parked on pot feet of some kind so the drainage is good. Just take the mix they came with and maybe add some slow release granules to the surface.

Keep them watered while the leaves are firm and green. As the leaves yellow and go flabby ease back on the watering. If you get winter rain that will probably be sufficient.

About using mix again. It depends. If it is dusty, hard to dig through with just your fingers, smells fungus-y, don't bother. Use it as mulch under bushes and let nature bring it back to life.

If it still looks like the fresh mix from the bag - you can probably use it again provided you don't use it for bulbs and you do check it for unwanted life forms. Tip it out into a big basin or shallow trough and stir it around. You can add some slow release and fresh mix at this point. Particularly look for grubs. They're very partial to roots, unfortuntately.

And, just wondering - if you're not 100% sure you bought Hyacinths - you might have bought Hippeastrums which aren't always seasonal about when they flower...

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Reusing potting mix will depend on what was used to make the mix. All I can add is "if you have a doubt throw it out". Al

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