Can I plant japanese windflower Robustissima over some daffodils?

lafleurs1October 11, 2013

I have a circle which looks nice with japanese windflower on it, there are three plants, and these bloom late, but I don't know when the foliage pops out of the ground.

Will it be bare in spring, and can I plant a dozen daffodils there for springtime?
I am only doing daffodils because of deer/bunnies, no non oniony bulbs.

The circle I want to plant is about 36 " round and I have three windflower plants placed as the points of a triangle in the circle. Would I put the daffodils in the middle or move the plants in from the edges and evenly space the daffodil bulbs?

I have Espoma Bulb tone, will this hurt the Windflowers?

In spring the closest plants will be a big PJM rhodie, which is purple and a magnolia tree that has ordinaire blah white flowers with purple bases, and further in, some hostas that show up late, and some plain boxwood plants dotting the edge. I love daffodils that have orangey centers, so these purrrbly will go here too.

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

You might be OK for a year, then the Anemones will win, as they can spread with determination.

And both the Rhodo and Magnolia have surface roots which can make life difficult for bulbs.

Being in z9, my Anemones don't go dormant. There are still old leaves and stems above ground as well as new furled leaves at ground level but they aren't up far enough to interfere with either the early or mid-season Narcissus (except for the jonquils).

If there's about six inches clear between the edge of the Anemone clump and where you want to plant the bulbs - should be OK.

A high potash fertiliser is usually fine as a one-off serving to help the bulbs develop next year's flowers.

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