Tulips next to Boxwoods and Arbs

SidewaysLS4(5)October 1, 2012

A sale on Darwin Hybrids suckered me into ordering a bunch...with plans on planting them in my shrub bed in front of the house for some spring color.

I plan on putting them in an area between some Arbs and Boxwood, they should get full sun. The only question now is the shrub rootmass possibly blocking the sprouting path in a few years. The shrubs are fairly new, so there is a definate clear path now...but how will this work out when the shrubs mature and have more root mass? Thinking long-term, I'd hate to have a spotty tulip bed caused by the shrub roots. Or am I underestimating the Tulip's ability to make a path up out of the ground?


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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Tulips often dwindle after even one year, so I don't think the future spread of the shrub roots should put you off. The plain green background should set off the flowers really well. I hope you'll be planting in clusters of single colours, not mixed and not rows. (Bossy, aren't I?)

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Yep, that's the plan...3 or 4 clusters of Red Apeldoorns

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Should look lovely against the dark green. Good luck.

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