Plastic container pots for fruit trees

Juliasun22March 22, 2014

Hi, I am new to this site and forum, so bear with me! I have a large terrace and this spring have introduced several fruit trees, among them a fig and a persimmon, both already fairly tall (6 ft or more) spindly trees. I want to transplant them but all I have are large plastic pots (meant for terrace plants). Terracotta pots of the same size would be hugely expensive and quite difficult in terms of transport (I don't drive), so my question: is the plastic going to negatively affect the health of the fruit tree, or the fruit (should there be any) in any way? Is terracotta a better choice? Thanks very much for any advice.

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I love the terra cotta pots for trees because of their weight, but the plastic is fine as long as you fill the bottom of the plastic pots with alot of stone so your trees wont blow over.

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