511 mix sources in NY

egyronin(6B-7-BK,NY)March 2, 2013

after reading for days on GW,i found tapla's mix(Al) it all made sense to me so i decided to go on hunt to find the ingerdients and boy!is it hard to find..bark fines is the hardest cause of the size and trips to go check it my self.so after repit bark $18 price tag i opt it out for HD's pine bark mulch sift it,hand pick big twigs and sap wood and finally spread on the table with lots of newspapers under and start whacking with a little axe i have.i got it to be between 1/8-1/4 i kno it is a bit big but leave and learn.i could always adjest later on.on to the sources

long island compost pine bark mulch from Home Depot
2 cuft. for 4$

peat moss from HD 3cuft for 9.99$(cheapest i found)

perlite from Hydroponic Garden Centers, Inc.
14649 Horace Harding Expy, Flushing, NY 20 something usd for a cubic feet it a bit expensive but it is a little bigger than a BB size.
thy also carry something called clay pebbels by company called plant it!25 liter for 19.99 dont know if this is good for gritty mix but worse to check it.

also from them got one pound of Azomite and Neptune fertilizer.

animal feed in the bronx as well as feed store in statenisland thy carry the Grit for 18$ 50 pound bag

napa auto store has the floor dry

Turface MVP All Pro Horticulture Inc.
54 Railroad Avenue
Copiague, NY 11726 thats longisland 50 pound bag 14$.

I am making the 511 mix but during the hunt i gained lots of information.IT IS ABOUT THE JOURNEY NOT THE DESTNATION.LOl
thanks all to you guys
Esp thankx goes for TAPLA for his effort explaning everything in detalis for us.GOD BLESS YOU SIR.
i hope this is helped a bit.

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I've also been searching for quite some time and the hardest thing to find is the Pine Bark.

I posted about an animal feed service in the Bronx that special ordered for me from an Agway distributor.

I also found a source last year at the Gowanus Nursery, but the delivery charge was over $50 which was too much for me.

I've located another source in Harlem (http://www.urbangardennyc.com/)
that said they will be getting it in a couple of weeks but have not been able to verify the quality. I'll let you know.

Last, I heard that the Lowes in Brooklyn has composted fines that have been sitting around for years. Might be worth checking out if you are nearby.

I'm happy to share whatever I get.

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nycgarden HD got some fines.it is compost mixed with twigs.most the fines i have seen is just that.the closest thing to what i am looking for is the reptile bedding.this is the best
too expensive thou.keep me posted pics will be really good.did u ever used the 511 mix before?how it did?it didnt rob the plants out of nitrogen?i did mix feritilizer.
oh the pot feels soo light worried about wind blowing my plants out of the pot

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I used it last year, but didn't follow the formula too exactly. There was some nitrogen lock out in the beginning because I didn't add CRF.

I have some pics on my blog on the fines that I got from the Agway distributor in the Bronx.

Here is a link that has a pic.

Here is a link that might be useful: making 511 pic

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