debodunMarch 16, 2014

A friend gave me what she said was a shamrock bulb. It looked like a was a piece of chewed gum, but solid. I planted it just over 2 weeks ago and have kept the soil warm. I have yet to see anything poking above the soil. How long does it take these plants to germinate?

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It should take a few weeks, you didnt bury the bulb to deep did you? Do you know what color she gave you? I have the purple one and I've had it for years. Your going to love it !!!

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I don't know what variety is. The only thing I can remember from the bag was that it said Oxalis on it. I pit the bulb about an inch deep and am keeping the potting soil slightly moist and on the floor near the heating hot-water radiator. I felt the pot and it didn't feel either cold or hot.

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I dont think you should have it by the radiator. Why dont you re-post this over in the houseplant forum, they know alot more than I do.

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