Question about Morning glories

weebayMarch 11, 2006

I want to plant morning glories and moonflowers around my balcony railing. I was planning on lining the bottom of the balcony with window boxes and planting them in there. But is that deep enough? How deep of a container do morning glories need?

also I've read that they do better not being fertilized so much. But since they are in a container I was planning on fertilizing every two weeks. Is that too much for them?

Thanks for any help. This is my first year with out a yard, so I am new to an all container garden.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

The shallower the container, the more difficult it will be to grow mg's. Shallow containers will have a higher % of saturated soil at the bottom of the container compared to a deeper container. The depth of the container isn't the only important consideration. Your soil type, container size, and amount/type of plant material all enter into the pic.

Fertilizer programs that are not heavy-handed with the N will produce plants with more blooms and stronger vines. A tomato fertilizer in a 4-6-8 or 10-15-10 blend would probably be a good choice.


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mea2214(z5 Chicago)

Morning glories are an interesting beast and can tolerate small containers as long as they're watered. As an experiment I let a vine grow in a small 5" pot nestled into a CD-R 50 pack plastic spindle cover. You can see the photo of the pot at:

The resulting plant got bigger than I expected with its roots occupying the entire CD-R plastic spindle simply soaking in water. The resultant plant is in the link below. I didn't fertilize this plant at all.

However, I think ferilizing helps these plants later in the year when they start getting big and losing their lower leaves.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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i've done morning glories in window boxes, they are fine. don't need to fertilize regularly. just combine potting soil with the little bit of compost or slow release granules . but either was they will grow beautifully as long as they get full sun. and enough water. getting them well watered during the summer is the thing you have to pay attention since the window boxes are small containers. morning glories flowers bloom late - mid to late summer, so be patient.

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Hey thanks all, for the great info!

Al, I am actually planning on using your soil mix recipe, so hopefully the morning glories will like it.

I'll probably experiment and try some in window boxes and some in deeper pots.

mea2214, thanks for the photos, they give me hope!

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duajones(z9 TX)

Last year i grew several types of morning glories with ok success with the ones that I planted. I had a volunteer that sprouted near my patio border, and the thing went crazy. I did hit it with some super bloom a couple of times because it had gotten so big and had no blooms. It went crazy and had over a hundred blooms on it at times.

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Pinky920(Mid MO zone 5)

I planted some morening glories and moonflower seeds in a large pot just off my patio. They get strong afternoon sun, but morning shade. The foliage has grown huge and lush, climbing up one of the patio supports and now heading for the roof.

But, no blooms! What happened? These were seeds purchased for this year, the soil is good and I have fertilized twice, lightly.

Any ideas what's wrong?
Thank you!

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My morning glories were great last year, and this year I had one that sprouted in pot from seeds that dropped last year.

I'm not sure why yours wouldn't have flowered, maybe too much nitrogen and not enough, P and K.

I also fertilize my containers once a week, with a weaker mix.
Maybe they are just running late, my morning glory just started blooming a few weeks ago.
Don't lose hope!

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Als mix works great on morning glorys. I think idea of planting them in plain dirt and no fertilizer, is an old wives tale. filix

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I also have MG and moonflowers in containers and noticing yellow leaves at the bottom of the plant. Am I watering too much?

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I have a floor-planted morning glory that has been doing well for six years. It gets morning sun and plant "dies" in winter but surfaces back automatically in spring to bloom in summer.

The question is I want to plant morning glory in the front of my house, when it gets evening sun. Is the morning glory likely to survive with just afternoon sun?


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