when do i dig up the glads

Tinkerbel(7b/8a B.C)October 8, 2007

When should I dig up my glads? Its not cold yet the seeds just matured and they are still tall and green. I pulled a few out and cut them back the bulbs were covered in corms? what should i do with those leave them pick them off?

I know how to store the bulbs Im just not sure if its best to wait until the plants die down or if its ok to cut them back.

anyone want any I have way too many.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

All bulbous/tuberous plants benefit from allowing the foliage to yellow before severing the roots. Green foliage still manufactures food. Early interrruption of this process may sacrifice next year's bloom.

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I would never let them go to seed but cut off the flower stem as the flower fades. Do you really have to dig and store glads in your area? Al

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natalie4b(7b GA)

I am in the same zone, and never dig mine out (way too many bulbs). They come back year after year big and beautiful.

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Yes, no need to to lift and store glad corms in the PNW - unless you do want to cull or replant in a different location. They are perfectly winter hardy in the ground here unless drainage is questionable.

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