Turmeric Root

canukgirlMarch 27, 2013

I buy turmeric roots from a Chinese grocery store. They package them up just like Ginger roots. Has anyone here heard of Turmeric? It's an herb/spice plant from India. Well, I'd like to try growing a plant from the root. Can anyone tell me if this would work? Should I soak the root first? The root I buy is not dried out...it comes just the way ginger roots are sold in the stores.

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I have grown it quite easily here in summer, just stuck it in some good soil in a sunny location. As this is a tropical rhizome, the plant would thrive in warm-hot conditions: in India it grows with little or no attention but I left my plant outside until early winter and it was too late.

In parts of India, the leaves are used as well to flavor food (although the leaves are not eaten). :)

As long as you keep the container in a nice warm sunny location, my guess is it would do well. good luck!

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That's encouraging news, thanks, I will give it a try this summer. I have a warm sunny place to keep the plant. Just wondering...how big a plant did yours get to be?

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Mine was about a foot and a half, would have done better in a larger container with better soil. (I know now!).

I'm not able to find fresh turmeric here but the Indian grocers have a close relative called 'Mango ginger' which is supposed to have pretty flowers, I feel inspired to try again. (It has the sour taste of a raw mango.)

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Good luck with the mango ginger. That sounds fascinating. Be sure to take a photo of the flowers it produces. I wonder if they will be fragrant? I think if allowed to grow, turmeric will eventually become a tree (not sure how big though). In any event, I am definitely starting a root soon. Then in the fall if the plant gets too big to bring indoors, I'll save a root or two and begin again the next spring. Turmeric root and its chemical curcurim (sp?) is being used in cancer research and also for contraceptives...it's supposed to stop fast growing cells from growing. Amazing!!

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