Manna Pro Poultry Grit

caterwallinMarch 11, 2012

I got mine at Tractor & Farm Supply in the area even though the guy working there told me that it has calcium in it when I asked him. Now I looked on the bag, front and back, and I saw nothing that mentioned calcium. It just says "Insoluble Crushed Grit". So now I'm wondering if I even have to go anywhere else for grit. What do you think?


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Nope - you're good to go.


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Yay, that's great! Thanks again, Al!

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Oops, I looked back at my first post and what I meant to say was "Insoluble crushed granite", not crushed grit. Ha. I guess you knew what I meant though.

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The only thing you may need to do is rinse away the dust, and screen it to remove the really tiny particles. I believe the bags say "100% crushed granite" on them. It's exactly what I use.

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Jodi, Thanks, and yes, I'll rinse away the dust. Our hose is still disconnected from the winter but if these warm temps continue, we'll soon be hooking it up and I'll be able to get going on my plants put in the gritty mix.

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