idabean checking in.....with aphids

mrtulinMarch 11, 2011

idabean checking in.....with aphids

It has been a couple of (cold and snowy)months since I checked in as a new gritty mix user and newbie orchid person. I hesitate to say orchid grower, since all I do is water the plants.

Mike took me to a meeting of succulent lovers at Tower Hill Botanical Gardens,(MA) and I had a blast. There were people of every age. Iespecially loved seeing some kids around 8 or 10 who were really interested and the older members who brought them starts and clearly enjoyed the younger generation.

Then he escorted me to buy turface and talked me into buying a little variegated jade. I succumbed without any prompting to a small nolina recurvata triplet in a deep blue bonsai pot. At Mike's urging- it didn't take much- I also got a tiny citrus that now has a couple of stems of buds.

And suddenly it was 6 pm and I'd spent a wonderful day with a new Gardenweb friend. Thanks again, Mike! I can't wait till mid-spring when you can come see my garden.

All my easy to grow orchids have green shoots at their bases. I killed one this winter.

Now the aphid "problem": one plant gifted me with the unexpected production of a third flower stem. Several of the new flowers have aphids...there's adults and a crop of babies.The blooms and buds (only 8 or 9 altogether) are not quivering with aphid life; I've seen much worse on roses.

I'm pretty sure I can get them off with water spray and a cotton swab. Am I foolish to go that route for a few days and not go directly to an insecticide?

Thanks...and a good spring to all.

Marie ("idabean")

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Hey you!

Of course not. You are smart in fact to try that route since many an aphid can be killed or done away with all together with just strong sprays of water if, that is if you are persistence about it.

You are so welcome for a good time as I also had a great time. I have not been there since due to sickness but I plan on going again this month.

I miss you around and I can't wait to see your garden and plants. Bot do I have some to show you:-)

You might get other ideas, but for now, just keep them off by rinsing your plant off and keep up with it. Oh how I long for the days we can leave them outside and Marie, I had two orchids bloom on me!

This one smells like chocolate and it's still flowering. It has been at least 5 weeks!


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone...

Beautiful orchid Mike!!!

Laura in VB

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