Brussel Sprout varieties?

michelelcJanuary 26, 2013

I've had very good success with brussel sprouts the past 2 years, but I've purchased starts both years. Both years mine got quite large and needed to be staked, and I picked until the end of December. This year, I'd like to purchase seeds and grow myself and am looking for suggestions for good varieties Thanks!

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Dimitri...Diablo...for long growth

Churchill...Octia...for early harvest

All hybrid seed. You might have better luck with heirlooms in your climate, but in most of the South-East the hybrids tend to do better.

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Thank you! I ordered Diablo from Johnnys. How about Long Island Improved? Anyone use that variety?

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All I know is stick with green. I grew a red variety last year and they were tasteless. (Grew green the same year and they were great -- sorry, I don't remember the variety!)

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Agreed about the reds. The heirloom red I tried (Roodnerf?) was a total failure. I've grown Long Island Improved with limited success. Gustus has done well for me this time - still harvesting the last few sprouts. They're crisp and quite sweet.

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