Ornithogalum Dubium / Sun Star - When to bring out?

heyyou82October 25, 2008

I purchased a Ornithogalum Dubium / Sun Star last year. The plants flowered nicely, died back as I read they would, and has been in a dark cabinet for some months now. I think I placed them in the dark back in May, but don't really remember.

Should I have left the non-growing bulbs out for a longer period of time? There was no green left when I put them in the dark.

If they are OK, when should they be taken back out to try growing them again? I can't seem to find much about timing for getting Sun Stars to regrow. Are they treated like any other winter-flowering bulb?

Any help is appreciated.

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Take them out of the old mix and replace the mix with fresh. Gritty and not too rich. If you look at the bulbs - which are pale cream-white, you'll see the leaf scar so it's easy to tell which side is 'up'.

Pot them about two inches down and water once. Put them in excellent light and good warmth. Above 55F all the time. Don't water again until the leaves start to show. Beware of aphids and cold damp which can lead to leaves rotting back.

Don't be surprised if they either don't flower at all, or only one or two flower, or they all flower. They can be quite erratic. Try again another year. (It's worth it - just for those cheerful yellow or orange flowers.)

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Thanks for the insight vetivert8. When do you think they should come out into the light? Is this the time?

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

They carry their leaves over the winter so they'll be happy with being brought into light now.

At the end of winter and as spring comes in the leaves die back and the flowers have the stage all to themselves. The ones that don't flower hold their leaves until 'later'. About May-June, I'd guess for your hemisphere.

If you supply them with a fertiliser with a good potash level - it can improve the colour intensity.

Also, if you remember back - there would have been fresh flowers coming through even though other stems were busy setting seed. The show's not over until the last stalk flops!

Hope they do well for you.

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