persimmon tree in container?

w2p2kMarch 15, 2012

Hi. Has anyone ever planted a persimmon tree in a container? I know they can get pretty big and was wondering if it will be manageable in the future. Are 5-1-1 and the gritty mix good choices for persimmon trees?

I currently have a relatively young persimmon tree (2 years since I bought it from OSH) in the ground. It's not too big yet since I potted it in a container for the first year. I recently did some reading on pressure treated lumber leaking chemicals (arsenic) into the soil. The lumber around the tree is from before 2003 and is most likely CCA lumber, so I'd like to get the tree out of there. I don't have any more yard space to put the tree in the ground, so I'm thinking about a half wine barrel (about 28" wide, 18" high). The brick patio is built around the lumber so removing the CCA lumber would be a bigger project than I want to tackle right now.

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