Bulb Lasagna Question

Ashlie NeevelOctober 7, 2013


I have recently heard about bulb lasagna (layering) and I have a question if this would work out or not.

My idea is to plant in the fall April-May blooming Tulips and above them plant March-April blooming Daffodils which I know isnt a problem but what I wish to plant afterwards is where the question comes in.

I would like to plant tuberous begonias in May right in the ground without pre-starting them elsewhere (no space to do so) and without removing the tulip or daffodil bulbs. Would it be possible to plant these tubers in May as the Tulips are dying off or would the foliage get in the way?

These would be mass planted bulbs and tubers. 180 Tulips (9 per sq ft), 140 Daffodils (7 per sq ft) and then in may from what I gather I would need to plant 20 begonias (begonia picotee bridesmaids) since they have a spread of a foot. In case you haven't guessed by now its a 20 sq ft area (irregular shape)

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I would use a stake to mark the begonia's location and try to avoid planting bulbs directly under that space. I think if you leave a 4-6 inch diameter circle you will have room. Well, how big are the tubers? Will they be dormant or from pots? Accidentally cutting up the bulbs while planting the begonias is probably your biggest risk.

I hope your garden grows well. I have seen your diagrams I. Other posts and hope we get a picture if the final garden next spring. :)

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Ashlie Neevel

Thanks for responding. I keep going back and forth on what I am goign to do with the garden as far as plants go (aside for the boxwoods) I think the bulbs are going to be a pain so Im not going to bother with them. At least that is the sentiment this week lol. Im thinking heuchera berry smoothie and lime marmalade would be nice alternatives to flowers for year round color but someone had brought up a good point about underplantings getting in the way of the spiral topiary maintenance. We'll see how it all ends up I guess lol. The boxwoods (fingers crossed) should go in next month. The other plants wont go in till sometime next year.

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