Tulip bulbs just becoming soft

tangerine_z6(6)October 25, 2008

Hi, I have just received a bunch of different bulbs for planting including tulip bulbs that give a bit when pressed with a finger. Do you think I could force these bulbs inside? They are not discolored or squishy. All thoughts welcome. Thanks.

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You don't say where these bulbs have been. Tulips with no chilling will probably not bloom if forced. Al

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Hi, The bulbs came to me by mail order through a coop. I put them in the refrigerator yesterday and will take them out during the dreary days of winter to force. I wasn't sure if they could still be used with the small amount of softness they have, but they're probably good. Thanks.

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Chilling hyacinths by just putting the bulbs in the fridge worked for me but tulips seem to need to grow roots and they didn't do that for me after required months in frig. I believe you would need to plant them in pots and put the pots in the frid, if you have that much room in your fridge, or a spare one.

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Tulips stored in the refrig bare as they are will not grow roots until planted either in pots or in the ground. This assumes they will only be left in the frig for up to 3 months. Left longer than that I have had some start to grow foliage. If you have room you could pot them in the refrig in damp mix and they will grow roots, left long enough they will grow foliage. With the growth of foliage they would need to be removed into the light. If I had a walkin refrigerator I would probably do this. Al

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Hi. I forgot to check in with the election going on but thanks for letting me know what to do with the tulips. I'll pot them and put them in the refrigerator. I do remember that the hyacinths were fine just with chilling.

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