Ty Ty Nursery

latami(z6-7MD)October 11, 2005

Are these guys any good? How about Stokes Tropicals? I'm looking into gingers. Thanks

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

TyTy has an incredibly bad reputation that has been discussed on these forums many times.....check Garden Watchdog and you will not buy from them I would think :o) Dan

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

TyTy has a deplorable reputation according to first hand experience among many GardenWebbers. However, any mention of it has been yanked by the Garden WatchDog for mysterious reasons. It made for some entertaining reading when it WAS there. I've attached a link to a eye opening thread from right here in the GardenWeb.

Here is a link that might be useful: TyTy

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lisa455(z9 LA)

I live in Louisiana. Stokes Tropicals is very nice in person but I have seen a lot of complaints from mail order customers. They may have had hurricane damage as they are close to the Gulf and near Lafayette, but not a direct hit. I really like Gingerwood Nursery, also in Louisiana. Tim Chapman the owner frequents garden web (the ginger forum) and lectures to Master Gardeners about Gingers. He has a very nice web site and twice I emailed him because I had questions about gingers I was interested in and he emailed me back within 24 hours. I have ordered from him twice and have been very pleased both times. There was also a problem with me being double charged for one of the gingers and he fixed it in 24 hours. He has 5 positive ratings on gardenwatchdog and no negatives.

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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

After much digging and hunting online and coming up with NOTHING about TyTy or why all mention has been pulled from Garden Watchdog, I've come to the following conclusions:

1) It's possible TyTy threatened Garden Watchdog with a lawsuit which Dave's Garden/GWD can't afford to fight, so they withdrew all mention.

2) It's possible there is legal (civil/criminal) action being taken against TyTy and Dave's Garden has been asked by the prosecutor to remove all comments/mentions prior to testifying for the prosecution.

At any rate, I wouldn't buy from TyTy, when I can get nearly anything they carry by special order from California wholesale nurseries like Monrovia, Monterey Bay and San Marcos.

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I'm sorry, but I've ordered a few things from Ty Ty over the last three years and have been satisfied. They have been as good or better than some others I have dealt with in mail order.
I would be leary of hearsay comments like those of rhizo_1.

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hearsay from one dissatisfied customer is something to be wary of. As a customer, I require at least a 3:1 ratio of compliments vs complaints, if it weren't for the fact that satisfied customers are less likely to comment on their service, that ratio would be even higher. Tyty has a greater than 3:1 ratio of complaints to compliments. Ask about them of the fig forum sometime.


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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

Ryan, I think that's a pretty handy rule of thumb. I also like to look at what the complaints actually say. If the complaints are due to unrealistic expectations or horticultural incompetence, then I mentally discard those. I've noticed the very best companies always have a FEW incoherent (and in my opinion, unjustified) complaints. I'm slightly (although not extremely--just enough to place a test order with plans to order more next year should my order be satisfactory) skeptical of companies with a 100% positive rating.


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gdionelli(z6 WV)

I found this statement by Garden Watchdog:
"The company you are searching for is no longer listed in the Garden Watchdog. For questions about their removal from the Garden Watchdog, you should contact this vendor directly. We also recommend contacting the Better Business Bureau to ascertain any company's track record with their customers."

Also, Aaron's Bulb's, which I believe is affiliated with Ty Ty, is gone from GWD. I think the above statement is telling, even though not specific.

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efam(z7b GA)

I read about this nursery on all the forums...and I remember how GWD actually caught people from the nursery posting "positive" comments on their website.

Anyone notice how "jmwineberg" joined the forum on the exact day that he posted this comment...makes me laugh.

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Efam, Tooooooo funny! Good catch! In the words of Jimbo from The Simpsons: Haw-haw!

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If you have some xtra cash you want to toss out the window. then go ahead and place a order from Ty Ty. I had a terrible experience with them!

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Rhizo 1 wrote:

"TyTy has a deplorable reputation according to first hand experience among many GardenWebbers. However, any mention of it has been yanked by the Garden WatchDog for mysterious reasons. ..."

Garden WatchDog's opinion was changed after a discussion with TyTy's new public-relations director, a very nice man named Luca Brazzi.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

LOL!! Jello!!! He make them an offer they couldn't refuse???
Linda C

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I'm glad i found this just before placing a 1,000.00 order!
I'm disappointed, the selection looked excellent, grapes, blueberries, bananas, etc. I went to bbb.org and found that they have 41 complaints in 3 years. that sounds huge but i could see it if they do the volume of business they seem to. anyway, they had resolved 36 to the bbb's satisfaction. maybe i'll go doen there and buy my stuff in person. if i do, i'll post photos here to let ya'll know . happy springtime!

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Incidentally, how could anyone order from them after viewing their website? I always hear dueling banjos.


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lindaflower(7 DFW)

Whew! I dodged a bullet there! I was going to order a Jujube Tree from them! Thanks for your advice!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

They are off to a pretty bad start here at GW's new Rate and Review Vendor Forum.

Additionally, there is a link to a thread that give other names that are associated with them.


Here is a link that might be useful: Ty Ty review

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decolady01(7a/6b AL/TN)

My experience with Ty Ty was a disaster. They are dishonest. Several years ago I ordered a TN Mtn Fig, guaranteed to fruit the first year. I got a tiny stick that actually grew some for the first time last season. The previous three or four years it just sat there. I have yet to see fruit from this "guaranteed to fruit first year" tree. E-mails and phone calls were ignored.


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They were threating to sue gardenwatchdog if they didnt pull all the quotes and their rate of how bad they were to do business with, a chicken sh*t way to do business if you ask me, but hope everyone knows now. A friend of mine ordered something from them and ask for a specific color never could get them to replace it with the correct order.

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

If you post what you were looking to buy, maybe people on the forum could give suggestions about where to go.

For edibles, like the Jujube you mentioned my personal favorite is Burnt Ridge Nursery.


Here is a link that might be useful: Burnt Ridge Nursery

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wabikeguy(7 AB)

On May 23, I finally received a full refund from Ty Ty (aka "Arrons" aka "The Nursery at Ty Ty") with numerous other DBA's.
For those of you unfortunate enough to do business with these people........here's what I did.

After 8 or 9 attempts to work with them on my own, I contacted the Georgia Better Business Bureau. This was a complete waste of time.

The Nursery owner, Patrick Malcolm, told the BBB that he sent me a refund and the BBB closed out my case. Only problem was........he never sent the check.

I next contacted the Georgia Dpt of Consumer Affairs. Nelson Mitchell handled my case and, within four weeks, I received my refund. Funny thing though. The check was dated April 28, 2008, but the envelope it was contained in was postmarked 19 May, 2008.

I would highly recommend that anyone having difficulty with this "nursery" (and I use the term loosely) contact the Georgia Office of Consumer Affairs like I did. I have included their address and phone number below:

Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs
2 Martin Luther King Jr., Drive SE, Suite 356
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-4600

Phone: 404-651-8600

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

So glad to hear your persistence finally paid off...and for posting your experience and how you handled it. I imagine it will benefit others at times in the future.

I see you also posted to One of the Ty Ty review threads at the Rate and Review Vendors Forum here.

Thanks for sharing your info.


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I wish I would have come across this forum last August BEFORE I placed an order with Ty-ty. I ordered a bunch of stuff... all said "fall shipment"...fall came and went and no trees... I had called several times where I was given the run around and finally told that they only ship when trees were dormant and I would get my order in Jan-Feb. Although I felt like this was false advertisement since everything said fall shipment, it did make sense to me, so I patiently awaited my order in January. Already not feeling quite right, I stayed on top of it and they heard from me at least once a week from the beginning of January. Persistence pays off... to a point. I was able to diseminate from the different calls, they really are just a middle man (false advertising again). They got different parts of my order from different sources... which wouldn't be so bad if they used really reliable sources, but I think they probably just use the cheapest to make the most money. I finally did receive my order... in full... not a single thing missing out of an over $650 order. In that order I had three larger blueberry bushes. Who ever their supplier is for those is pretty decent. They look pretty good and had a good bareroot base on them. As for pretty much everything else in my order, it appeard that someone had taken a good yank on the tree trunk and pulled it up by hand without any digging as most trees had very little to no roots left... the pecan trees I ordered must have been harder to yank out of the ground due to their tap root, so it appears that some Sherlock decided to take a shovel and chop the offending tap root off so they could finish yanking said tree out. Obviously, these trees won't survive... The blueberry bushes look to be very promising, and I'm glad that at least something I got seems to be worth while, but everything else either looks like it definately will not survive or would shock me if it did. I will not be ordering from them again... wish I knew who their supplier was for the blueberry bushes though... I'd definately order from them!! =)

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Call your County Agent, I'm sure they will have a list of recommended suppliers near you and the blueberry varieties that perform best in home gardens.

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jqpublic(7b/8a Wake County NC)

Ty Ty is the worst nursery on earth. Do not buy from Ty Ty nursery.

I've never heard of the other one.

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Nightmare, I ordered over 3 thousand dollars worth of stuff from them several years ago. Asked about citrus surviving in SW georgia and was assured that these "engineered" strains were hardy in my zone. All now dead! The almonds died and they replaced them with peaches. Most of the blueberries died. Anyway I dug up a lot of the dead stuff and drove it back to their "nursery" within the first year, hence I got my replacements. Everything else is now dying even after being babied for 3 years. olives dying, figs dead above graft, surviving blueberries thin and unhealthy. Even the pecans and walnuts died. They buy the cheapest crap they can find and mail it off. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!

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This message saved me from making a huge mistake. I was about to spend a couple hundred dollars on Amaryllis bulbs. I'm so glad I went with my instinct and didn't do it. Thanks anyways for giving everyone a heads up.

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The Nursery at Ty Ty
Additional Locations
Phone: (888) 758-2252
Fax: (229) 388-8108
4723 US Highway 82 W, Ty Ty, GA 31795
BBBî D Rating
On a scale of A+ to F
Reason for Rating
BBB Ratings System Overview
145 complaints filed against business
Failure to respond to 1 complaint filed against business
Factors that raised the rating for The Nursery at Ty Ty include:

Length of time business has been operating.
BBB has sufficient background information on this business.

Customer Complaints Summary Read complaint details
145 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years : 59 closed in last 12 months
Complaint Type Total Closed Complaints
Advertising/Sales Issues 17
Billing/Collection Issues 3
Delivery Issues 9
Guarantee/Warranty Issues 19
Problems with Product/Service 97
Total Closed Complaints 145
Additional Complaint Information

BBB records indicate a pattern of complaints related to Product Issues or Refund/Exchange Issues. Customers describe problems with plant life and having problems with Refunds or Exchanges. The BBB has been in contact with the company in this regard and the company responds by directing customers to their clearly stated and posted policies on Refunds. The policy indicates that they Do Not offer refunds, but do offer replacement plants when instructions are followed in regards to the company's return policy. The company also explains that they supply significant product education information to their customers in regards to plant care, proper installation, and best plant life expectancy dependant on geographic zones.

Here is a link that might be useful: BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU

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