Need help with pots & sizes

bgthumb(5A)March 29, 2013

Having trouble finding correct sizing for each veggie type.
For tomatoes-10 or 15 gallon
Cucumber-7 or 10gallon
Swiss chard & onions-5 or 7 gallon
serrano pepper,bell pepper,Radicchio,baby bok choi & spinach-2 to 3gallon
Baby romaine-1gallon
Should this be fine in the range of gallons?I want to keep it small to save on soil,but not so small I risk rootbound & don't get good harvest.Thanks for all that replied to my 1st post.I'm kinda in a hurry to buy pots.But want to make sure I get the right sizes.I'm getting foxfarm ocean forest soil to use,$20 per 1.5 cu ft.Can't get it any cheaper.Might mix it with with cheaper organic soil to save.
Will be getting cheap pots,in the link.Don't believe ill find pots cheaper in stores

Here is a link that might be useful: Gro Pro Thin Skins

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Donnie_Mac(Ks 6A)

The pots you have chosen are interesting and I considered purchasing some but the shipping charges are insane. They want $100.10 to ship 50 of them. Don't know where you are but you might check out Green House Mega Store. At least for me their shipping is much more reasonable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Greenhouse Mega Store

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Thank you Donnie_Mac!I think they wanted $18-$23 shipped for 38 for me on my link,i live in indiana.Thanks again for the link!Idk that many garden stores online.Have you tried the root pouches?I might get a few.
Is the gallon sizes for veggies in my first post good?

Here is a link that might be useful: Root Pouch,Boxer Brown Fabric Pot

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