Autumn Crocus Disaster

aggiebee(6b)October 29, 2010

This is my first fall in a new house and I really wanted something to bloom NOW! So I planted autumn crocus. What a disaster! They sprout, they flop, they end up looking like they've been steamrolled. It's really a depressing sight. I ripped 'em out in a fit of annoyance.

I am guessing the smarter way to plant them is in between some other perennial that will help hold them up.

What do other people do?

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I love fall crocus. Unfortunately, they don't last very long. They do flop but I enjoy them while they're still standing. Mixing them in with ground covers and other low growing plants gives a very nice affect.

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By autumn crocus do you mean colcheums or true crocus? I grow both and enjoy the color they add to the fall garden.

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They are true crocus, I have more just poking out in other parts of the garden (I put them in late). What ground covers and low growing plants would you recommend?

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There are many fall crocus and no all of them flop. I have crocus cartwrightianus which is just finishing blooming and it doesn't flop. I have others that flop and I don't know which ones they are. I planted them years ago and have lost the labels. I also have safron crocus. They hold up fairly well because the foliage comes up with the bloom.

Check out the question about saffron crocus blooming; follow the link in the answer and you will learn alot about the various fall crocus.

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