City Pickers Grow Box

babelsrus(7bNC)March 27, 2013

More questions,
I have made a version of the 3-2-1 soil mix for SWC. Here are my substitutions, instead of straight peat, I used miracle grow potting mix that has time released fertilizer. Now for my dilemmas,
-the directions on the city pickers box says to add 2 cups of dol.lime on top of the potting mix. Then to make a trench and put the time released fertilizer on top then cover with about 2 inches of potting mix.
-My potting mix has fertilizer,
- 2 cups of lime sounds excessive for 1.5 liters of mix
-I thought I read something about not mixing your lime with your fertilizer until after the lime has done its thing in approx 2weeks.
-also I used the same miracle grow potting mix in my 5-1-1- mix do I have to make any adjustments to that before planting in regular pots and yes I added the lime already .
I know I have a lot of questions but I promise I have spent hours reading many post but some of my variables are out of my control and I am just trying to grasp what is a whole new method of gardening,
Thanks in advance

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czfljo(Daytona Beach-9A/B)

Add the fertilizer and the dolomite! Does it really say "time released fertilizer?" I would add just regular 7-7-7 or 10-10-10 or somewhere in between. The dolomite should be mixed around in the potting mix and then the fertilizer in the trench. I have a city picker, 8 Earthboxes and a couple SWC's!


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Thank Jo,
The MG says feeds plants up to 6 months! with Miracle-Groî Continuous Release plant food. Enriched with MicroMaxî nutrients for more blooms and more color!Fertilizer Analysis

0.21 - 0.07 - 0.14

So 2 cups of lime?

This city picker holds 1.5 L of mix-is that the size you have. What did you grow in it? Don't want to put to much in there. DH is planning on putting a tomato plant and some pepper plants and he thought of herbs-that's way to much right?

Thanks for your help.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Beth: The city picker holds 1.5 cubic feet of mix, not liters. That's about 11.25 gallons. That's actually pretty small for more than one tomato or maybe two or three peppers.

SWCs require about twice as much lime as something like 5:1:1 because of the way they work. The lime is there primarily to provide calcium and magnesium and secondarily to make up for the peat which is the main ingredient in the mix they recommend. and although there is fertilizer in the MG, it is definitely not enough to feed a tomato or a couple of peppers for a whole season, let alone six months. That mix is meant for little house plants not vegetables. If you are going to use a SWC, I suggest you follow the directions pretty closely the first time. It's unlikely that you would come up with a better method than the folks who designed in the first place.

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Do I need to use Dolomite?

Also, I am using the Miracle Gro organic mix potting mix. Should I use more fertilizer?

Also, should I be using dolomite with every potted plant? Herbs, veggies, flowers, tomatoes..etc.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

This is an old discussion. It's about a self watering container (SWC or SIP). You need to tell us what kind of container you're using and what you want to grow. If you are just using straight MG potting mix in a regular container, you probably don't need to add lime but you will need to fertilize regularly if you're growing outdoors in the summer. Maybe you should start a new thread with your own specific topic.

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