Please, let's see your potted plants after a long winter:-)

meyermike_1micha(5)March 20, 2011

I would love to see how all your indoor houseplants and those that you like to put outdoors are doing after this long, and yet still dreadful cold weather.

Here is a few of mine excluding those in the cellar, shed, basement and other

Thanks you and PLEASE share your indoor potted plants:-)

And yes, wooden dowels, fresh rain water, and a hand sprinkler:0)


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Mike! What a full house you have!

You could definitely sell tickets to a plant tour, and then take donations for cuttings of a few....

This Christmas Cactus was overturned when I was watching my sister's cat back in December.
As a result, all of the flower buds fell off. However, I kept watering and fertilizing, and it put out
all new flower buds - here it is, as of today, just starting to bloom. This plant is grown in pure
Orchid Bark and fertilized with Foliage Pro every once in a while. Orchid Bark is the way to go
with these plants, in my opinion.

And a group shot of just a few other houseplants.

Here's the mother Christmas Cactus from which all other cuttings have been taken. There are a few
flower buds, as well, but for the most part she's now "resting" after her winter bloom. Boring Spider Plants,
Pothos (Epipremnum), a few Jades on the window-sill, and part of my Pachira on the far left side.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Beautiful plants Mike and Josh! You guys have a very nice collection of plants...SO healthy and happy! Great job growing them!

Even I have a few buds on my Thanksgiving Cactus...its the first time its ever bloomed twice for me...I've never had them bloomed this late in the year before either!

Thanks for the pictures guys! Love them all...but those orange flowers are just gorgeous!

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Wow! And I thought I lived in a jungle! Mike and Josh, you guys have got some great collections going on, there! Most awesome!

I'd be embarrassed to show you the dusty mess my jungle has become over winter! I've got cobwebs in the corners, and dust bunnies under my shelves! And my bulb collection is in varied states of growth, so there's not much to see. Very shortly, though, I'll be implementing a big spring cleaning and re-pot session... as soon as I can be assured of stable weather so most pots can be left outside or in the greenhouse.

In other words, I'll add to this thread shortly... just not today! ;-)

Great pictures, you guys! I love 'em all!

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Wow Mike/Josh, you guys have your hands full!

Mike- I am drooling over your gardenia!! SO BEAUTIFUL! Are you using 1:1:1, 5:1:1 or regular soil for that beauty?

I am inspired to transplant my jade (it has a long way to go before it looks as good as yours Mike!) and get my hands in a gardenia now too! I did not realize they would do so well indoors. :)


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Thanks Jessica. They are planted in the 1.1.1 mix as well as my jades.

I love that mix because it outlasts the 5.1.1. mix.
Oh, if you pot up your jade into the 1.1.1 mix, believe me when I tell you it will take off on you:-) Thank you for your kind words.

Josh! I LOVE your plants. I see how happy they are frolicking in the nice windows you have. Look at what you have done with the CC. I can't believe that it is even flowering again! Bravo. Nice colors.

I love that Pichira too. I almost picked one up today.
What are the little guys growing next to your CC on the top pic? Cute!
I see where you are keeping some of the jades too:-)

Nancy! I love those orange flowers too. Did you notice the Hoya flower? That has grown off the Hoya I saved a few months ago!
I keep telling them to behave, or I will have to send them the the plant masters for training. They have been good since then.

Jodik! Thank you, thank you:-) No worries. I can't wait to see what's up your I can tell you this. Every time I look at my Clivia flowers, I think of you. I know how much you love flowers like that and they remind me of Ameryllis. God, I can never remember how to spell that name..


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Thanks, guys!
I would have posted more pics, but they didn't turn out well...too much glare.

Mike, those little guys are Aloes, I think. I'm rooting them in some gritty mix.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Mike

Here are a few pics from my house...some are in bloom about most are ready to go outside... Enjoy!!!!

Plumeria inflo...California Sunset...

DR,,upstaurs under lights..showing blooms already,...

Brugs are ready...

Hibiscus trees...

Dr's out sunning before i brin them in again...

Great room full of plsnts.trees....

My daughters dag..has the "Fleur de leis" on his cute!!

Hope you all enjoy....SPring is on its way...

Laura in VB

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