Saffron Crocus bulbs

phalnellie(z6TN)October 4, 2009

I have some saffron crocus bulbs, it's October but it has been raining a lot...Question - do I still plant the bulbs outside now? And will they bloom in a few weeks or spring? Has anyone tried in pots indoors during the winter?

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

They're autumn-flowering and they probably won't flower this year - but there's always one...;-(.

Pop them into a mix that is guaranteed to dry out. They hate being left in the wet over their dormant time (spring to autumn).

The leaves will come up soon and stay over the winter. Keep them moist-enough while they are growing.

Around April they will start looking yellow - just like the other autumn crocuses. Let them dry off and keep them away from your summer watering system.

Plant in September. Watch anxiously. Wait for those beautiful little cups with the amazing orange-y tassels and go 'Aaah' (I do!)

I have this sort of memory that saffron is like tuber rose and tulip - the bulb flowers once then breaks into daughter bulbs and has to grow on to flowering size. Somehow you need to develop a 'succession' system so there are always some coming into flower and some growing up to size each year.

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Last year, which was my first year trying the saffron crocus, they all grew but there were no flowers... I read that this could happen and that I might have better luck this year. It is October 16th and the leaves are just coming up with the earliest only about 2 inches so far. All of my bulbs are in planters or oak barrels. I'm happy to see they have multiplied. I have my fingers crossed, hoping I will see some flowers this year! I would be happy to exchange notes with anyone regarding this flower.

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