Storing bulbs till next year? or plant now?

heavenlyfarm(zone 6b)October 1, 2013

This year, we decided to expand our driveway, which means getting rid of our vegetable garden. Now its filled with bulbs around the edges so I've spent a few days digging all that I can find out. I wanna relocate them to our one hill but we are also due for the Septic guys to come which they drive up that hill. (currently dont have much in the flowerbed due to weed takeover) So I was thinking of planting them but if possible, I think it would be better to wait till spring of next year to plant them when I redo the entire flower bed on the hill. How should I go about storing them tho? Can I just leave them dry and store in a bucket till spring or do they need special storage requirements and it would just be better to put them in the ground now? I'm just afraid when they come up the hill with the truck in a month or two that it will disturb the bulbs in the soil and mess up how they are planted(right way up)

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heavenlyfarm(zone 6b)

Ohhh and they are tulips, daffodils, crocus and grape hyacinth bulbs if that helps!

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socalgal_gw Zone USDA 10b Sunset 24

Can you store them for a month or two until the septic work is done and then plant them? Or will your ground be frozen? That (planting in a month or two) would be best if the timing/climate works.

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heavenlyfarm(zone 6b)

I believe so, it is staying quite warm in our area. That's what I will try for if the ground is workable but if not, any special ways to store the bulbs till the ground is workable in early spring?
Thanks so much!

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