Tuberose - Polianthes tuberosa - do I dig up?

brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)October 9, 2009

The full name of my plant is "Hawaiian Double Pearl Tuberose." I ordered the bulbs from QVC (Roberta's Garden, always been happy with their bulbs).

Late Spring, I stupidly planted them behind tall lilies. Relocated them after lilies started coming up. But threw in Marigold seeds in the same area. DidnÂt expect Marigolds to take off like they did, but theyÂve taken over and tubers have been struggling to grow thru them ever since.

The leaves look healthy but I think the base of the plant would do better in direct sun. I understand they don't bloom until late in season so I think they are doing okay but would be better in another spot.

Question  can I relocate them NOW to a better area -- or are they something I need to dig up for the winter? The info that came with them is confusing. Talks of them being planted in pots. But they were "sold" on TV as being able to plant in garden in my zone (7 or 7A or 7B??).

I could email RobertaÂs but wanted your expertise as well.



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I have been growing them here for about 15 years. They are completely gone in the winter but always return stronger and broader in the spring. They do need as much summer heat as they can get and do not do well with root competition. They also like ample water and rich soil. They are native to Mexico where they grow along stream beds. If their needs are not met they may never bloom, which is why so many gardeners give up on them. They can do well in containers, IF their needs are met, which are more demanding than for those planted in the garden. Al

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brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)

Al - good to know about the root competition, since as I said, they're smothered with marigolds and there's a mum next to them. I'll transplant them to a more open spot and be sure to water lots. Thanks!

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