Best tool to use putting crocus & minor bulbs nto the lawn?

prairiemoon2 z6 MAOctober 15, 2009

Bulbs are here, time to plant. First time trying to plant into the lawn. Does anyone have experience and a suggestion for the easiest tool to use?


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I would use a flat shovel and lift up patches of sod with soil at the correct depth. I'd toss in the corcus then lay the sod on top. I would do this in patches to resemble bulbs who had naturally multiplied.

If you want to be more delicate use a dibble or a sharp trowel: pierce the soil to the depth, pull the trowel toward you to make a hole, drop one in then pull out the trowel. You could stop down on the sod when you are done to "set" the bulb in.

BTW one year I planted 100s of crocus in my lawn. As they came up I suddenly noticed that everyone...or so it seemed...took a short cut across my planting! Even the mailman made it a regular path.

Then, I had to set up a little "fence" I used wire coat hangers cut so they would work like large staples and tied bright yellow nylon twine from hanger head to hanger head to make a yellow corral. That summer I just turned that whole side of the yard into a lasagne bed. ....happy memories...c

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ladywindsurfer(Z7 SE)

I planted about 2200 Crocus and 500 Iris retics in the lawn, using a bulb auger and cordless drills.
The planting went really fast, but even with 2 drills and 4 batteries, had to pause a few times to wait for batteries to recharge.
I chose an auger with the longest shank I could find, to save my back!
After backfilling the areas and watering well to settle the soil, the bulbs were covered with a wire mesh (chicken wire) to prevent curious rodents (squirrels & chipmunks) from digging them up. The mesh was secured with heavy wire "hairpins" and left in place. If you have warm season grass, like Bermuda, and you regularly "dethatch" it, you will need to remove the wire mesh after the soil becomes well settled. The predators lose interest then.
If you use a mulching mower, as I do, it probably isn't necessary to add fertilizer for the bulbs, but in some shady areas where the grass is sparse, I sometimes add 6-12-12 in the spring after the flowers fade.
Be sure not to mow the area until the bulb's foliage turns yellow. Sometimes unsightly, but very necessary for healthy bulb growth.
Good luck and have a great workout!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Thanks very much...I can't imagine planting 2200. I would love to see a photo of that. :) I have very small amounts that I am going to try for the first time in the lawn to see how it goes.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

Another regular poster on these forums uses a mattock. That is a tool with one pointed end. It has a heavy head so she just swings the tool like chopping wood, makes a series of holes, and drops the bulbs in. I bought a mattock but have not tried it yet.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Interesting idea. You'll have to let us know how it works out. I have some chicken wire that I used last year when I planted bulbs, after losing every crocus that I planted the year before to squirrels. Thanks, for the ideas. :-)

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