Potted daffodil bulbs

daffydill_2008October 18, 2008

Hi! I live in Tampa so don't think it is cold enough for Daffodils (some of you may tell me different!) So I sometimes buy a potted 'dil. Is it possible to save the bulbs from year to year? I kept mine in its pot, have allowed it to dry out, and done nothing with it. Any ideas? Thanks a lot for any suggestions.


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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Daffodils are usually fine in nine so long as the days are cool and not too bright. I notice that after a warm day the flowers are starting to droop whereas they go for longer in cool, wet days.

I don't know what size your floristry daffodils come in. Our pots of, say, 'Jetfire' come as five to a six inch wide and shallow pot which is ok for a bunch of flowers but not too good for keeping the bulbs for another year.

If your bulbs are still firm when you turn out your pot go to a pot around eight to ten inches deep. Those little bulbs produce masses of roots and they need about three inches of dirt over the top.

Generally use good potting mix - either no soil or a soil-based. If it comes with fertiliser added you won't need to top up until after flowering.

If you don't get many flowers next year - don't give up in despair. The bulbs may have needed to get settled and plump up again. Give them another year.

If you can put them outside on your north-eastern side they'll probably be fine. If you get heavy winter rains, make sure the pots can drain easily.

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