Climbing Onion & Dormancy

ourhighlandhomeOctober 21, 2009


I purchased a climbing onion (bowiea volubilis) in the spring of 2007. I repotted it and sat it beneath an arbor where it grew like mad that summer. It even bloomed, which was hardly exciting, but seemed happy.

Around August it started going dormant. Well, it's still dormant and I've run out of patience.

The size of the bulb has actually increased - not diminished - in size, is firm and green, and seems to be well-rooted. I bring it inside during winter, set it outside in spring, and it just sits there like a big 'ole dumb, lazy green thing.

I'm almost tired of caring if it will ever grow, and am leaning toward smashing it with a brick. It's almost like owning a "pet rock", only it's green, pricier, and comes with slightly higher expectations. Help....

Nelson :-(

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bulbita(North Italy)

Nelson, do not worry. My B. volubilis is still dormant here in Italy. Indeed the species volubilis starts to grow just in this period of the year. I have a dozen of bulbs but only one is just beginning to grow.

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