Planting Daffodils 12"

tuliper(7B RVA)October 12, 2013

Hi, I've planted daffodils in loamy ordinary soil with good drainage for years at a depth of 12" which is very deep for many people. I have never had a problem with blooming diminishing in subsequent years and they do not rot or lower in numbers. I have a much later bloom time, which I very much seek since I am not usually outside much in March to enjoy them. I am wondering how many other people plant their daffodils very deeply, as in a foot deep or more. I plant tulips very deeply, too. I can extend the daffodil bloom throughout all of April on daffs that bloom in March, and the tulips tend to perennialize considerably better at that depth. So, I'd like to know has anyone planted daffodils in loamy soil at a depth of 12" or more? Clay soil would probably have adverse effects on the bulbs health and eventually they would peter out and rot. Thanks, Matt.

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Matt I have planted tulips at almost 12" in amended clay because my climate here in central NC regularly climbs into the 50s in cycles throughout the winter, and gets hot for several days sometimes as early as April, which shortens the bloom period and the life of the bulbs. I got Darwin hybrids and West Points to come back three years in a row before they shattered, I think from the insulation and weight of the clay, compared to a single season when planted at normal depth. Daffodils that are less sensitive to freeze/thaw do better around 4-6" deep for me. Some daffs bloom later naturally, and the "critters" don't eat them - another benefit from planting the tulips deeply and covered heavily.

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socalgal_gw Zone USDA 10b Sunset 24

I'm jealous of the 12 inches of loamy soil. I'd have to rent a jackhammer to plant daffodils that deep!

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