Any tips for growing Foxtail lily bulb- eremerus

phlowerpower(5)October 6, 2010

I have 6 eremerus "Cleopatra" arriving soon and would love any tips on wehre to situate them in the garden. I saw some growing near me, so I am hoping they are actually hardy to my zone. Says to give them protection from wind, but plenty of sun...any tips on how to achieve that?? I wonder if in front of an east facing wall would be ok. We get very strong spring winds here, so that made me a bit worried.

Any thoughts much appreciated. :)

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I have one(1)out of ten started about 6 or7 years ago. They all grew the first year, so I am not claiming there was anything wrong with the bulbs. It just was my inexperience with a plant not grown in these parts at all. Wind has not been a problem. The one stem I get every year seems to be strong enough. Although the bulb has grown to where I have more than one crown I still get only one flower stem. It took me several years to realize how far that star fish looking bulb would send roots out from the plant. Now I am very careful to pull the weeds and don't dig them within about three feet from the plant. The roots seem to be only about two inches from the surface. I don't think an easterly exposure will give as much sun as they like. My climate is so much different from yours, I can't comment on that. Al

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