Protection From Wind?

naturalmommys(9)March 18, 2011

It is soooo windy here in Las Vegas. The wind is way worse here than Chicago, my home town, 'the windy city' (BTW that term is a political one)

Anyway I started some Tomatoes and Strawberries in some earthboxes and the wind is so out of control I have to wheel them in the house. They are heavy as hell and dirty water drips on my carpet.

What do you guys do to protect your fruits and veggies from crazy wind without having to bring them in or move them around? Is there some kind of cover or structure that can be bought or made to protect them without taking all the sun away?

I have searched this topic with not much luck on ideas!

Thanks so much!


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Let's see if the following thoughts are helpful. First, it is not necessary for you to grow either crop in full sun in your high temperature area. Shade is acceptable.

You probably are dealing with a prevailing wind and not one that 'boxes the compass'. Move around your house slowly placing your back tightly to the building. Take your time and 'feel' the wind at each stop. Mark those spots where you note the least amount wind. You may even find a few quiet areas with no wind. They are there and you have to find them and these are the spots where you place your containers right next to the building using it for wind protection.

If the above does not appear feasible then your next best solution would be a short section of 6' solid board fencing installed against the prevailing wind with growing containers placed on the leeward side.

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My space is pretty small.I did what you said and it seems windy in all my little but available areas. I
I was hoping to get some kind of recommendation on some kind of product or something. Or an example of something someone made. I am winging it now and using an old table to block some of the wind but it is blocking sunlight, keeping them shaded most the time and not protecting enough against the wind. So solid board? Nothing with holes then? I am renting so it would have to be something not attached to the house. What about some sort of covering? I noticed there are frost covers but what about wind?
Thanks so much. This is driving me crazy and I dont want my plants to die :/

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What about some sort of pop-up temporary cold frame with a clear or opaque plastic covering? I'm sure Google would produce a ton of results.

I have plenty of wind break protection, even though the area we're in is generally flat and windy. There are trees, buildings, fencing, etc... but I think if I had to, I'd go with something along the lines of temporary plastic covering.

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Maybe place sandbags on either side, and tie a rope between them that stretches tight across the top of the earth box at the ends of the boxes? It wouldn't be pretty, but neither is dirt on the carpet.

Good luck!

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My yard is completely closed in, surrounded by very tall brick walls, two palm trees and other bushes, etc and the wind STILL is crazy and I mean crazy!! Am I the only one that has this kind of wind? LOL Thanks for the ideas, keep em coming, I am willing to try anything!

do you think burlap would be enough protection or would it smash the plants?

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Christina, landscaping very windy sites is one of my interests due to the location of my former business. What you now describe as your situation leads me to suggest the following. Move along your tall wall in the same manner you did along the house, back up tight to wall. See if you can find any quiet, fairly windless spots there.

Also, purchase three inflated balloons. Tie each to a stick about 3' long and place them around your yard observing each carefully, moving them every day. If the balloons whip around in constant wide circles this gives us a clue as to the source of your problem. The wind is moving down over your house roof, hitting the tall wall and this is setting up a vortex action in the yard. If you determine this to be the situation then wind protection should be overhead. Do the suggested tests and post back your observations. One step at a time. Do you possibly have a covered patio?

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I think your right about the vortex because everything in my yard gets thrown around and literally gets spun around in circles throughout the yard. I will do the balloon thing and report back. I have a feeling as it gets warmer here that I may need an overhead protection anyway. I think the hot desert sun may be just to much, but if they are covered overhead how will they ever get any sun?

I have an area in front of the backdoor that is covered. It covers the door straight down to almost the end of the small yard. My guess is that it is about three feet wide. Maybe I can hang something to the stucco down to the ground? As long as it isnt too tacky, since we have a homeowner association that is always reporting. Although I face the desert and can get away with more.

Thanks again!

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