Pea pod issues.

silent88January 31, 2013

I planted a whole bunch of peas and the plants looked to be doing great, producing what looked like perfect peas (in the early stages) and all the sudden my peas are getting these brown little holes/spots in them. It's frustrating! Had a huge explosion of flowers and was excited for the peas. I assume they are still edible and not that bad, but what is this issue? Thanks!

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It's most likely thrip damage. They do very little damage to the eating quality of the pods (except cosmetic), but they can spread disease between plants very easily.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Or is it stink bugs?

Would like to know where OP lives & gardens.

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Ok, Thanks "nc-cm" for giving the information related to thrip damage. It's informative.

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Hmmm could be thirps. Hadn't heard of them until now! Oh well I guess ill just eat them as they are....

I'm in Southern California.

Also oh a side note, isn't it interesting how whenever you google something related to gardening, 65% of the stuff is marijuana related? Lol.

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If you research by using the scientific or botanical name for something horticultural, you won't have to wade through so much off-topic stuff and will turn up a high percentage of .edu sites.

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