Dutch Iris Bulbs

lily55rjw(5 Northern Michigan)October 24, 2010

So it said to plant these dutch iris bulbs between September and December. I live in Northern MI and as soon as it started hitting the 30's at night, I went out and started my spring bulbs in the ground. Now, 3 weeks later, I have my dutch iris bulbs growing about 3 inches above ground already! Does this mean they won't grow this spring like they are suppose to???



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It's normal for Dutch Iris put out fall foliage. They'll pickup growth again in the spring and bloom.

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That fall foliage will get zapped over the winter, but neither you nor the plant will notice it in the spring.

Just be sure to mulch them pretty well in N. Michigan, it gets a lot colder up there than here in the Detroit area.

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