Fall bulbs at Menard's: hardly anything :(

linnea56(z5 IL)October 8, 2011

I've been buying bulbs mostly at my local hardware store, Menards, in the fall. Of course, I know I can order, but when I order, I tend to buy too much. (Like last fall, when I think I bought over 1000. Maybe it was 2000.) In the store, I tend to not go completely wild. I was in Menards yesterday, and they usually have a good sized aisle full, shelves from floor to at least 7 feet high. Not this year, at least not at my closest store. ONE island display! That was IT! Where they normally have bulbs displayed, was all devoted to Halloween decorations.

Since I did a lot last fall, I wasn't planning on much, but I want them to at least tempt me. How can I feel virtuous, if I have not been seriously tempted?

I got:

3 pkgs "Harmony" dwarf Iris, total of 105 bulbs. For some reason a lot of my dwarf iris died out this spring, so I was glad to find this one.

8 Hyacinth Jan Bos

8 Hyacinth Minos

2 pkgs Puschkinia, total 70 bulbs. Squirrels love this, so now that I have finally found how to keep them from eating them (Wire mesh/hardware cloth covering the area, and pinned down with landscape staples) I wanted to try again.

I'm wondering if other stores have more. I really wanted Red Riding Hood tulips, to add to an area where they are declining.

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lila888(Z5 IL)

Linnea, try Menard's at Glendale Heights.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

I checked out a local Home depot, too, and they did have more, but nothing that unusual. That's good for me: less to plant!

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linnea56(z5 IL)

Okay, just because they didn't have much, didn't stop me from buying more, before I even planted what I got the first time. This time, the only thing left was tulips and dried up husks of Tall Bearded Iris. No minor bulbs left, or I would have gotten more of those. Tulips looked good, though. They had almost all Triumph tulips, which I know almost nothing about. I got: Purple Lady (Triumph); Abba, red (Double Early ); Oxford�s Wonder, orange, (Darwin); and Zouave, rosy red (double late).

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