Advanced Exchange: My bulbs now for your plants/bulbs in Spring

elleni(4a)November 29, 2010

Even though the weather was wonderful here today for the end of November, the ground has pretty much frozen. I was able to find a few spots soft enough to plant some stuff today, but I have to face facts that planting season is over here in zone 4. Of course, I still have bulbs left. Since we can't sell things here, I am hoping to trade them now to some folks in places with unfrozen ground. I'll send you bulbs now, in exchange for your (zone 4 hardy) plants and/or bulbs in the Spring.

I sorted through what's left and set aside the ones I think I can pot up and save/force, but I still have the following daffodils and tulips that need a home. (After this weird empty space...) Mixed Daffodils Mixed 20 Tulip Lily Flowering Claudia Purple w/ white 6

Tulip Lily Flowering Pieter de Leur



Tulip Fosteriana Concerto



Tulip Triumph Orange Cassini



I have no idea why that table has so much space before it! Anyway, make me an offer! Post here or email me!


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Hey Elleni- I am planning on going to the feed store tomorrow to get discounted bulbs, they had some weird varieties. I like you cannot face the facts that planting season is over....

I will see what I can find to trade with you, or you are welcome to see my list ~ T

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