2011 Brent and Becky's 50% off started today!

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)November 25, 2011

Per the email I got today:

"Getting all the parts of the web site to 'click on' at the same time on a Holiday may not be exact, but 'not to worry', if you place an order between now (about 8pm Thursday night) and Monday Dec. 5th at 6pm, the GARDEN BULBS AND COZY COMPANIONS that are still available will be 50% off - even if the 'computer to computer response' doesn't say so. (pre-cooled and indoor bulbs are not part of this sale) Once one of our office staff enters your order into our inventory system, you'll see the discount on our emailed acknowledgements."

So...check out what daffodils and other spring blooming bulbs they have available.

I placed my order and it showed the 'full' prices but at the bottom the 50% discount was subtracted from the order.

I 'thought' my order was pretty big, and then when I saw the total after discount, I considered ordering more, but held off. I didn't want to run out of 'planting time' before they are all planted with tlc.

HERE is the list of daffodils.

I had trouble (in my excitement since I had been really watching for this sale) finding the way to order with them on line. Well, the link is under SHOP and then choose Fast Shop...or HERE it is

Have fun and I hope you all can find some 'pretties' at fabulous bargain prices.

Sue...an admitted daffoholic.

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This year I went around to a couple hardware stores looking for late-season deals ... at a locally-owned store, bulbs were 75% off so I bought a bunch, and saw that they quickly sold out.

At Home Depot, they were 25 percent off and later 50 percent off, but I figured I'd wait a few more days and see if the prices would go even lower because they still had such a huge inventory. Unfortunately I went back today and the store employee told me that they'd destroyed all their remaining bulb inventory to move in poinsettias and Christmas cactus!

That's such a disappointment! At least donate them to the city park system or something! Meanwhile a local nursery was still only offering a 25% discount for bulbs that had been marked up much more to begin with, so who knows when those will get to something I'd consider reasonably priced. I figure getting a great deal is tradeoff for being willing to work in colder weather and not caring as much what the selection is; I'm not going to pay more than the catalogs charge this late in the year.

Anybody aware of other local nurseries and suppliers that are still offering bulbs on clearance? I'm really annoyed that Home Depot would waste so many bulbs, but if anybody knows of other hardware stores that hang on for longer, I'm interested to know.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

My B&B is shipping today and should be here by wednesday. It would be awesome if the warm weather holds till then!

But at least this year it doesn't look like I'll be planting my late purchases in the snow :)

Last year our local HD never reduced their fall bulbs and left them out full price until well into the next summer. It goes without saying that when I have a garden or plant question I don't bother asking anyone there. I do however ask at my local nursery. Their prices are a little higher but the quality is much better. They also don't reduce beyond 25% because they either use the bulbs in landscaping jobs or they pot them up for spring sales.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Just for the record, my B and B order arrived today and I'm so pleased. About this time next year I may be trying to find this thread to verify the date the sale started and just how quickly the bulbs arrived.

Thankfully it looks like the next 3 days are all going to be very nice planting days, so hopefully can get everything in the ground, even if mulching has to wait a bit.

Kato, did yours arrive?


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