Brent and Becky's Bulbs 50% Off

lila888(Z5 IL)November 25, 2010

Happy bulb shopping and happy Thanksgiving Day everyone!

Here is a link that might be useful: B and B's

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lila888(Z5 IL)

Bumping it down.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

......bumped, but the sale is still on (I think). I just planted my order today. Kinda cold, but the ground has been icier in years past. The bulbs I got look good but they are anxious to grow.

Onward to spring!

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lila888(Z5 IL)

You are right. The last day to order is Monday, before their onsite warehouse sale.

My bulbs look good also. The Winston Churchill daffs are huge!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

The last day to order is Monday,
Whew...thank goodness I missed getting anything ordered. I initially looked at and drooled over some coveted muscari, but resisted the awful temptation to order them along with anything else.

I have numerous daffs I didn't get planted, (sigh) as we got well below normal temps early here and the ground is frozen and has a snow covering of about 3". Normal temps here for today are 43/27. Today the high expected today is 23 and the low tonight is to be 0-10 above...sigh. The next 'normal' temps in the forecast is 27 Thursday night and then a high of 43 on Fri. Temps drop off to well below normal again Sat night so there will not be enough time for things to thaw to get anything else planted.

I'm just planning on planting the left over bulbs when the first spring thaw arrives in mid to late Feb. I know it will make for few or very late confused blooms in 2011, but at least the bulbs will survive and in time get back to their normal bloom cycle.

Sue...very disgusted

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lila888(Z5 IL)

B and B's sale is not over. The indoor bulbs are now 50% off.

I only ordered a few daffs and erythroniums. I have the holes dug days before the snow came and the bulbs arrived one day late. I am hoping the snow thaws sometime so I can put the bulbs in.

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I ordered and got them planted on Sunday. I am debating if I am going to the warehouse sale this weekend. Like Sue, I have been eying the muscari...but it is cold outside.


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