Moving Elephant Ears

skies_of_blueNovember 6, 2009

My dad and I,this summer,planted two Elephant Ears at opposite sides of our house.However,we've encountered a problem. They have grown to be so big that they are 'smushed' against the wall of the house and cannot grow out in that direction. It is necessary for me to move them. Any ideas on how I should do this and when?



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Move them during the winter. If they do not frost back in your area cut them back before trying to move. The roots will be very large and it is best to move the root intact. With a spade dig straight down at least a foot from the outside stalk all the way around the plant. Two people on opposite sides should be able to lift the root intact and replant with no losses. Al

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Thank you so much!
Exactly the information I needed!

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